Welcome to Fabric & Flour

Happy Autumn and welcome to my brand new blog.

This summer I started crafting again, after a very long absence. I missed it. I didn’t realize how much I missed it. Let’s not dwell on why I stopped. Well, OK -maybe just for a minute. You know that elusive idea that people refer to as (say this like the emcee for wrestling) WORK/LIFE BALANCE? Yeah, wasn’t happening.

But I took a couple of weeks off. I made a cutting table out of stuff we mostly already had – so now I don’t have to pack up every time I get a couple of hours to do something but not enough hours to finish it. I got going on a few quilting projects and started doing some more baking. Along the way, I tried to remember to take a few pictures to document my projects because I really wanted to remember some of the details. I didn’t do a very good job of remembering. Solution?

I’m a biologist, used to taking detailed fieldnotes* to describe observations and experiments. And I had become addicted to several crafty and bake-y blogs. So starting my own electronic fieldnotes for my own crafty-bakey projects seemed like a logical solution. This blog may end up just being my diary, read only by my husband (and then under duress), but if you want to join me on my expedition I’d be happy to share my fieldnotes about my experiments in fabricandflour.

A quick picture of my cutting table. Bijou but perfect. I heart my cutting table.

I heart my cutting table

Thanks for visiting.


*shhh…mostly it’s lab notes because I am rarely in the field. But “fabricandflour lab notes” isn’t alliterative like “fabricandflour fieldnotes”. And, for the record, I have done field work, so it’s not a complete fib!


8 thoughts on “Welcome to Fabric & Flour

  1. Great start to your blog. As a fellow biologist I can understand the challenges of blogging, writing informally? Argh, so tricky!
    Good luck and looking forward to seeing some of your new creations.


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