Bad blogger, bad!

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I’m new to blogging (learn more about me here and why I blog here) and registered for WordPress’s Blogging101. Each week day we get an assignment to help us understand “good blogging” and improve techniques. There will be 30 days of assignments.

One recent assignment was to take the Daily Prompt, another writing tool provided by WordPress, and write a post around the prompt. The prompt for October 2 was “Ready, Set, Done”.

At Day 13, nearly half way done, I’ve found Blogging101 to be brilliant. I was ready to start blogging but didn’t have a clue how to go about it. I’ve posted a few times now, learning and remembering each time. For example, I kept forgetting to tag and categorize my posts but I think I’ve set up my system for posting so that I won’t forget. However, I have an admission to make, as I’m feeling kinda guilty – I’ve only done about half of the assignments. Part of this is due to technophobia. Part of it is time. Part of it is that I can’t believe that I’m blogging to begin with (squeal) – something I never thought that I’d do but am now having loads of fun doing!

So for my Blogging101 community (and the blogging community in general), please let me dull my guilt by apologizing. I’m sorry that I haven’t been a good neighbor, that my widgets aren’t in order, and that my sidebar lacks links to blogs I love. Hopefully I’ll catch up soon, but in the meantime, let’s all just keep on having fun! Ready, set…blog.


2 thoughts on “Bad blogger, bad!

  1. Oh don’t worry about those little things that need adjustment on your blog, you are probably the only one who knows. From my eyes your blog looks polished and well organized plus inviting. I’m amazed when I see people blog every couple of days, I’m happy if I can hit it once a week and lately that’s just not been possible.


    • Thanks so much! It is hard to keep up blogging with all the other responsibilities, but so much fun. I think that’s why I get wound up about not having all the widgets, etc. I’d rather write than worry about, for example, connecting across all my social media platforms – even though I know that’s what I should be doing, along with the writing!


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